Dot Easy web Hosting provider is one of the leading web hosting providers around and they have great plans offered for beginners to business with varied features. They have large number of satisfied customers all over the world and for any one who wants to try DotEasy web hosting can go through the DotEasy Reviews available from the customers over the net. There are many sites which can help people to go through various features included in DotEasy web hosting as well as how the customers liked it.

DotEasy is a free web hosting company and a pioneer in banner free websites. Any one who goes through DotEasy Reviews, can see that they have gained much of customer satisfaction since 2000. This is mainly because they allow customers to use their own domain name without hidden charges. Everyone knows how great it is to have our own domain name which is the best deal with DotEasy. Doteasy also offers other affordable web hosting solutions to small to medium-sized businesses requiring extra power for their websites.

In most of the DotEasy reviews, users have recommended DotEasy web hosting as the perfect choice to start with. This can be a business brochure site or personal website; there are different types of plans available. There are mainly three plans available to the customers they include basic, ultra and unlimited. Basic plan is a perfect choice for the beginners. Once the customer is satisfied with the services from a basic plan they can easily upgrade to one of their many other full-service web hosting options. Anybody who sign up for there is a 1GB of disk space, 100MB of disk space, and 10 free e-mail accounts. For those who want to compare the various plans can go to their site and can have a closer look at various plans because there are many features that vary with different plans.
With DotEasy web hosting some of their key features include MySQL Database, PHP support, and free customer support. Their website management is highly user friendly with cPanel and Ensim as their online control panel. This vary with different plans but these are surely the leading control panels around ones One another attraction for DotEasy web hosting is that they often announce various discount offers for their customers.

With the amount of site hosting service organizations readily available everywhere it is extremely challenging for someone to decide on a specific web hosting. is one of the most well-known website hosting providers that have significant number of contented users across the world. This is certainly rather obvious from the DotEasy hosting reviews to be found over the net. So far as DotEasy Services are included there are many Web Hosting Plans readily available to meet the needs of different types of customers. As we all know role of webpage varies with people. There can be websites for personal uses as well as for commercial enterprise needs. They have much better programs for small-to-medium type of business to progress and also establish.

There are actually varied DotEasy website hosting packages are already made accessible to the clients, they come with basic, ultra along with unlimited. Basic strategies mostly are for the amateurs who would like to get their site functioning promptly. There are numerous services incorporated such as e-mail, site management and there are also lots of DotEasy Tools enclosed for example organised blog site, managed web forum as well as the hosted picture gallery. So far as ultra Hosting plans are concerned they are usually most suited for private, e-commerce, portal or even corporate websites that require scripting as well as database capability. This program presents PHP, CGI /Perl support as well as MySQL database. Unlimited Hosting Plans are usually targeted for high performance and this kind of website hosting plan encompasses the best database in addition to scripting tools, SSL support as well as basically unrestricted capacity.

DotEasy hosting works with cPanel as their net control panel for the purpose of website administration. At the moment cPanel is one among the popular control panel interface in the hosting markets. This is because of the most simple to use graphical interface which simplifies the maintenance of web page. It contains finer methods to take care of the customer’s mail accounts, FTP records, the data files which are on the site, add-on domains, sub-domains, MySQL databases, and it will even provide the client with web page stats.

In contrast to many other cost-free hosting services that gives free web hosting services without cost with inadequate facilities essential for the web page, DotEasy has got remarkable plans and additionally they by no means force their clients to add commercials at their web page. DotEasy encompass the prize-winning Basic Free Web Hosting Package with zero additional charges for each and every website address signed up with Doteasy. DotEasy include great tips for encouraging businesses to reduce paper consumption. Concerning company pamphlet form of resources or perhaps first-time private webpage, basic plan by Doteasy is certainly a superb pick. Currently they provide 100mb of web capacity accompanied by 1GB of monthly bandwidth transfer rate that can easily be improved to full-service hosting features at any time they wish.